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Ed Levitt is Ed Car Guy - the no-hassle way to purchase your next new or used car, truck, van or SUV. From start to finish, Ed will negotiate the lowest price on your vehicle, the financing, get you top dollar for your trade-in and arrange for door-to-door delivery.

Selling Your Car

Getting The Most Out Your Used Car

Assuming your car is in at least GOOD or FAIR condition (if it is in Poor condition or worse, not running...donate it to charity or use it as a flower pot!)

There are three things that sell a used car... Appearance, Appearance and Appearance! Even a minimal "detail job" will bring you back hundreds of dollars more for your car.

Auto Trader or Craig’s List are great websites to place your ad. I have also found that doing a mass e-mail to your friends and family works extremely well.

How much are you going to ask for your car? You first have to get an idea of what your car is worth. Here are a couple of web sites that will help you. www.kbb.com will let you know what your car is worth as a trade in, selling it private party and what a dealer would sell that car for if it was on the used car lot. www.autotrader.com will help you see what both the dealers and private parties sellers are asking for their car.

When you start getting calls on your car ad, talk about the good things about the car. Example, low miles, new tires, runs well…

Highlight the accessories such as: CD player, heated seats, sun roof, etc.
People will ask "why are you selling it." Give them a GOOD reason. No one wants to hear, "I want to sell it before it falls apart!"

Also, make sure the person calling is the decision maker, not the brother of the friends, cousins, sister in-law of the guy who might want a car in a couple of weeks from now. Believe me...it happens. Just simply ask "Is the car for you?"

If they make an appointment to see the car, MAKE SURE YOU DO THE FOLLOWING:

Get their name and phone number. People have a nasty habit of NOT showing up. If they don't give you their name and number, they are NOT serious about buying your car.

Tell them to bring a copy of their drivers’ license with them. Check it. Make sure they are who they say they are. Are they insured?
Don't haggle on the phone. You might be asked, "will you take ___ for the car? Just tell them, "Come see the car...If you like it... Of course I want to sell it."

Okay. You agree on a price.
Fill out a "Bill of Sale" and a "Release of Liability" form. Available at the D. M. V. or The Auto Club.

Note: It is a good idea to put the words "SOLD AS IS" on the Bill of Sale. Keep a copy of ALL paperwork for at least one year.