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Save time, hassle & money.

Ed Levitt is Ed Car Guy - the no-hassle way to purchase your next new or used car, truck, van or SUV. From start to finish, Ed will negotiate the lowest price on your vehicle, the financing, get you top dollar for your trade-in and arrange for door-to-door delivery.

Why You Need Me

Many of my clients include lawyers, business mangers sales and talent agents that are highly skilled in the art of negotiations yet, they still have me take care of their car needs. Why? Because this is what I do every day.

Can you think of anything more horrifying or unnerving than buying a new car or truck?
Ok, maybe dealing with the IRS or your In-laws comes close, however, having to deal with the extremely clever, persuasive and double talking salespeople who always answer every question with a question is a real pain.

That’s where Ed Car Guy can assist you:

You save time, hassle and most of all MONEY. How does he do that?

Over 20 years in this line of work and delivering over 1200 cars to clients have enabled Ed Car Guy to accumulate an extensive catalog of contacts including fleet dept managers, sales managers and dealership owners to utilize when negotiating the bottom line from the beginning..

Simple, Easy and Painless.  Ed Car Guy is paid by you at the time of delivery of your new car.  Fee is independent of the car price.

How Ed Car Guy Started

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”
- John Lennon

In the 1980’s (during the writers strike) I was working as an actor in TV commercials. Since they were not producing new commercials for old television shows, I had to supplement my income. So, what else does an actor raised in a family of salesmen do? 
I went to sell cars at a large Ford dealership in the LA area. I very quickly learned the “tricks of the trade”. I was amazed at all the areas where the dealer made money. I learned how dealers made money on the interest and lease rates of cars and trucks as well as warrantees, alarm systems and other car accessories as well as used cars and trade in’s. 

 After the strike was over I booked a commercial and on the set the director mentioned that he was going to lease a car. I told him… “Find out what the capitalization cost is… convert the money factor to an APR, find out if there are any factory to dealer incentives, make sure you are signing a disclosed lease not a non disclosed lease”… he stopped me and said “Wow, That is a lot of information… just go with me and I will pay you!” I saved him several thousand dollars and hours of work on his own. He then told his business manager and others about me and a business was born.

That was over a thousand car deals ago!